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You are ready to move beyond the idea stage. Take these steps to establish a solid business foundation.

  1. Register your business with Secretary of State

  2. Apply for Federal Tax ID

  3. Get a Business License

  4. Apply for a State Tax ID



You are serious about being an entrepreneur. Learn how owning a business will impact you financially.

  1. Bookkeeping & Tax Consultation

  2. New Business Tax Savings Estimator

  3. Entrepreneur Tax & Accounting Quick Reference Guide



You are picking up momentum. Show the world who you are with these marketing basics.

  1. Create Logo

  2. Design Business Card

  3. Design Brochure or Postcard



It’s time to take flight. Take your marketing to the next level and prepare for success.

  1. Create a Website

  2. Set up Google Business Page

  3. Create Facebook Business Page


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