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We specialize in preparing returns for small businesses, start-ups, self-employed, freelancers, side-hustle, and gig workers. 

The U.S. Has 27 Million Entrepreneurs. 


Simply Taxes is here to help you get and keep your business on the right track with complete, accurate tax preparation.


Small Business

Small businesses are privately owned corporations, partnerships, or sole proprietorships.


A startup  is an entrepreneurial venture which is typically a newly emerged business.

Self Employed

Self-employed is a situation in which an individual works for himself.


A freelancer is a term used for a person who is self-employed and is not committed to a job longterm.


A side-hustle is when an employee uses his talent, experience, and/or passion to earn extra money. 

Gig Worker

A independent worker who routinely works temporary engagements or short term assignments.. 

We also Provide Bookkeeping and End-of-Year 1099 Preparation.

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